Gentle scarfs for Gentle men


This collection we, for the first time, launch a scarf designed for the (gentle) men among us. A menswear tip, is to acquire a good scarf. One good basic with that tiny bit ‘extra’. As Mr. Porter’s Deputy Editor Mr. Samuel Muston says: ‘Style – Like the devil – is in the detail.’ . We believe so too.

A smaller sized scarf falls perfectly around a men’s neck who will need a subtle warmth throughout the winter. Tuck the scarf into your coat or blazer when braving the winter cold. Or, for a little extra warmth and style, wear it on top of your sweater. This menswear item, is a pretty effortless and understated item to keep yourself warm and, above all:

‘master style like the devil’

Our scarfs are hand knit in Amsterdam of merino wool. Our thick merino yarn is strong, but above all has a delicate touch is intense warm and comfortably light.


Daniel wears our small Camel’s Back scarf.

Simone draped our large Flamingo’s Beak around her neck.


Daniel rocks the small Flamingo’s Beak scarf 



Here Daniel wears our small Peacock’s Eye scarf

Are you already winter-ready? You can purchase one of these scarfs yourself, to enrich your winter-closet.

Socially Made in Amsterdam

The makers of our textiles, come from cultures where education for women is uncommon. Ever since they moved to The Netherlands years ago, they are unable to participate on the job market. They are bound to home instead. Winter in Holland helps these women become independent and gives them a career within the field of textiles. The women are educated to become professional knitters, are paid for their work and receive help to set up their own business. All products made by these craftswomen, are marked by the label: Socially Made in Amsterdam.


Photo credits: Photography by Hannah Lipowsky / Models are Daniel van Hek and Simone Rookhuizen / Make-up and hair by Minke Boeijen