Wardrobe philosophy with Guillaume Maat – Minimal Men

Every wardrobe has a story. Through the garments, the pieces you selectively curated, you reflect who you are and who you admire to be. This is one aspect with which we, at Winter in Holland, are driven by when we design a new scarf or any other product.

We got in touch with Guillaume Maat, founder of the online style journal ‘ Minimal Men’, to talk about his style and the way he curates his closet and interior. He styled an outfit for us, with our scarf, to accompany his answers, and therefore his view on style, with.


How does your style reflect your personality?

“ Since a few years now, I notice that my style and taste becomes more specific. It is important for me that you can see my personality in my style. I am a true perfectionist, which makes it a must that my outfits seamlessly connects to my interior. Calmness is of high importance for me. As well as in my wardrobe as in my interior, I do not use many colors. Black, white, green, blue and beige are my basic colors. These factors create the perfect atmosphere to rejoice.” 


If you pick a few of your favorite items, why are these dear to you?

“ Almost all of my favorite objects are marked by simplicity, quality and good finishings. For example; one year ago I got myself my first Common Project sneakers. It was quite the expense.  Their simple design appealed to me for years already, but I had no knowledge yet about the quality of the shoe. Now, after a year, it amazes me how great they still look! It made me realize that quality does make a difference. And the details and finishings are great. This makes me enjoy the product for a long time.” 


Agreed! We believe as well that if you finally have found the items you adore, you want to use them for a long time. Quality then is of great importance. What does quality mean to you?

“ Quality means sustainability to me. With this I not only mean a sustainable duration of the usage of products, it also means a sustainable production. I try not to be affected by fast fashion trends and, as much as possible, to choose consciously for products and brands with a story and who are open about their production processes. Obviously comfort in a product is very important, when looking at quality.” 



So quality is very important to you, which other important standards should a product meet in order for you to include it in your ‘selection’?

“ I am incredibly sensitive to experiences. Distinguishing  brands with a good story that offer a product with quality and provide a customer experience, attract my attention. A good customer experience could be a beautiful website or store, but also a stunning packaging. Therefore I believe it is very important to experience a product in an physical store; there are unfortunately not many web-shops that create a similar effect.” 



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