The appreciation of products – Tinta Luhrman

In search of what an object can mean to a person, we interviewed Tinta.
She photographed our knitted towel to accompany her answers with. Read about Tinta’s philosophy behind owning products and her emotional connection with them.


We got to know of Tinta Luhrman, co-owner of Woodchuck, a while ago. Her distinctive and specific style suits the eye and softens the mind.
Through her visual language, you see hints of her life. Including corners of her house, her daughter cosying up with the dog and some every day objects selectively put together. It is obvious that she carefully curates items around her. We are curious how she puts together her habitat and what objects can mean to her:


“I have dealt with a lot of misery, and the world shows a lot of sadness. Therefore I cherish what is dear to me”



If you pick your favorite item which you own, what are the reasons that these are your favorites?

“ My favorite items are my hat, my woolen socks and woolen vest, my Thonet chairs, the first shoes of my daughter, her first dress, a bedlinnen, our dinner table, my pots, my tableware.. Guess I just can go on like this! The things with which I surrounded myself, make me very happy. It is important to me to ensure that all objects in my environment make me feel good. I have dealt with a lot of misery, and the world shows a lot of sadness. Therefore I cherish what is dear to me. Above all, I mostly love my husband, my daughter and our dog, Paxi.”


Sounds like you have quite an emotional attachment to these objects ( and people off course 😉 ). Probably more than the average person.
Whenever you purchase new products, what are important requirements which a product should meet?

“ That is a super easy question to answer. I ask myself: is it sustainable, fairly produced with natural materials and does it reflect that it is made with love? Studying the labels to get more information on the product is a thing I always do. I try not to buy many products that had to come from far, considering environmental issues. My best example: I only eat the apples that fall from our own trees!”



After briefly meeting you, it was immediately clear that your style reflects your personality. As a stylist, you are constantly aware of style. What does a personal style mean to you?

“ I have never followed trends in my life, I do not believe in that. Why would I participate on a trend when it is only for a short period of time? People who really know me, sometimes name things ‘ a Tinta-thing’. This supports the idea that I really have my own style. In this style I feel at home and at ease. This atmosphere makes me calm”

Tinta is, together with Rutger (husband), the founder of Woodchuck. A wood-work design studio focusing on designing furniture and house remodeling. Woodchuck breathes Tinta’s sense of style. As they state themselves: “ Even though we love simplicity, our creations always radiate warmth. Woodchuck shows that minimalism can indeed be atmospheric”


“ I have never followed trends in my life, I do not believe in that”


What role plays function and quality within a product, for you?

“ First of all, a product needs to serve its purpose. However, this might be different for each person. I consider art being functional, because it makes me happy.
When I buy a candle of top quality wax, but its done burning after an hour, it did not serve its purpose. Great quality to me does not automatically mean great functionality. Take a perfectly finished jeans made out of quality material, but if you do not dare to actually wear it or even wash it. Then I’ll pass. After all, both function and quality are important. I will always keep both factors in mind when purchasing a new object or product.”


Shop the towel!

The towel that Tinta used in her images, is our brown Nutmeg. This brown color goes nicely with our Pink Pepper or our Grey Labiatae. This towel is designed to function and produced to be used. Curious how we made the cloth ‘work’? Get ready for some nerdy textile talk:

We used pure cotton yarns to take advantage of the natural characteristic of the fiber: to absorb water.

This textile is loosely knitted with a thick, pure, cotton yarn to give the fiber space to do what it does best. The feel is super soft, and that is the exact reason why it functions: the fiber is not locked up in a tight weave.

Use this cloth to dry your dishes or to dry your hands and face.

   Towel Grey - LabiataeTowel Brown - NutmegTowel Pink - Pink Pepper



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