The flower Lady – Daniela Schinke

The ‘Miracle Flower’, or ‘ The wonders of Flowers’ is the translation of Daniela’s name for her visual diary ‘Wunderblumen’. She invites every visitor to her stylish and cosy home. Daniela shares intimate moments of her and her family. All captured in her visually pleasing environments in which she surrounds herself. The main focus for Daniela are flowers. A decoration that answers to time and therefore gives a temporary pleasure. We were interested in this flower-lady and the ever changing styling of her surroundings.


Daniela uses one of our finest camel colored merino scarfs. She wears our ‘Camel’s Back’, a beige colored item. They are knitted under our social label ‘Socially Made in Amsterdam’. She captured the scarf in her stylings, to accompany her article with.


If you choose some of your favorite products in your living space (clothing, furniture, flowers, but also utensils in general), what makes them your favorites?

I have a great love for colors and harmonies. Therefore I often choose accessories, decoration and clothing based on colors. These are partly influenced by the season, especially with flowers. So, the flowers often determine my choice of colors for other objects as well.

In addition to the colors, the quality and the material determine my choice. Natural materials such as linen, cotton, wool as well as wood or stone, I always have my preference. Especially furniture can lead a long life and so the decision for good quality is more sustainable.

For furniture, I love a mix of old and new. For example, I like bright wood, it harmonizes with many colors and gives the rooms a friendly look.


When you buy new products, what important problems should this article meet?

Quality, function and a new product or item has to touch me in a way.


On your website and clearly on your IG wall you have a personal style. What does it mean to have a personal style for you?

Everyone has their own style. I’m not constantly wondering what my style is. I simply put things together in my wardrobe and in my home that I like. I must feel comfortable with it and feel at home with it.

Many things have been with me for years. Heirlooms of my grandmother, finds from the flea market, as well as things I bought which became very near to my heart. The combination of old and new, and things that mean something to me, gives personality to my home because I find myself in it.


“Things that mean something to me, gives personality to my home because I find myself in it.”



What role do function and quality play for you?

I always choose things very carefully and, of course, I pay attention to the quality. In a small home like ours, things have a function. Especially our furniture; I want to be able to use them and they must also be suitable for family, because I live with children. When function, quality and beautiful design combine, I like things the most.
Sometimes things are just beautiful, and I enjoy them.


“When function, quality and beautiful design combine, I like things the most.”



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