CARE for wool

Woolen garments are a bit different to take care of than many of your other garments. If treated well, your woolen scarf and bonnet can last very long! But not everyone knows the tricks on how to maintain your woolen scarf or bonnet, and therefore we summed up some tips for you. Read along and get yourself some know-how on how to make that scarf look brand new every winter. 

How to take care of your Woolen scarfs

Don’t wash wool 

..too often. The wool-fiber adsorbs liquids. This means that if you drip some water on your woolen scarf, it will not (immediately) soak into the cloth. But ultimately, the drop wil stay on the surface for a while. It’s the difference between absorbing and adsorbing.  

Imagine that drop being dirt; it will not penetrate the fiber as easily as it would with your other garments. So therefore we say: wool does not get dirty quickly. However, this heroic thought does not mean you won’t have to wash it at all, just not as often. 

Hit the wool with some cold

In need to freshen up the fabric, but not having the time to hand wash the wool? One of grandma’s tricks: hang the woolen scarf outside in the freezing cold air. For a more bacterial-killing approach: lay the scarf in the snow on one of the coldest days and let nature to the job. Make sure that the snow is not actually melting already; you do not want the scarf to get too wet in the process. 

Steamin’ hot scarf

Care by steaming the wool

When the autumn is hitting the country, its time to take out your winter garments. You’ve stored your scarf perfectly according to our tips (next one), and you will make it look as if you’ve just bought it:

Fill up your iron with water so it will steam. Lay the scarf flat on your ironing board and hoover the iron over the fabric while pushing the steam-button. The heat of the steam will get the fiber right back into its place.

Make sure you do not press the iron on the fabric, since that will flatten the delicate texture. 

The steam will make the wool hot and a bit wet, so let the scarf dry (on a flat surface) to let it get cold again. This process is the fixation of the fiber. If you want to do it more professional: tap with your flat hand on the sides of the scarf. This movement makes the fabric get colder faster and makes the fixation of the fabric more effective. 

To store is core

Merino woolen scarf

And then we say goodbye to the cold weather ritually, by storing your winter garments when spring shows. Store the scarf neatly, either on a hanger or folded straight. This way the fibre stays neat through summer. 

Our scarf Fog, folded straight. Ready for being stored away.

Head over to our shop to get yourself one of those woolen scarfs or bonnets to keep yourself warm during the coming winter. You now know how to maintain your woolen scarf and bonnet, so you’ll enjoy them many more winters.

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